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HANDMADE to achieve any look you desire.  If you come across a lash style that you like and want to turn it into your favorite strip, send us the picture and we will create that look just for you ! This style is made for if you can't wear regular extensions due to your eyes being too senstive, you are unable to sit for long periods of time or if it just is not in your  budget right now but still wanted to acquire that natural look. Even though this is a strip, it enhances the look of an extension set due to it's high quality thin strip base. The base of the strip is super thin making it appear as if its naturally coming off your eyelid. The difference between these HANDMADE lash strips and regualr lash strips are they are not as thick and look more natural than ither strips. Also, these are able to get wet and not clump up togehter or lose it value. Lastly, you can wear them up to 3 weeks straight without ruining your lash! Or you can get over 10+ uses in them if properly cared for. 

Handmade Lash Extension Strips

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Freestyle- when you want them to look like a certain picture or style.

    wispy- mixed lengths

    volume- cateye style with your length choice.

    please message or text once you select your option to discuss how you would like them customized!

    Please allow  1 week for your lashes to be completed.


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